Editorial Services

I have decades of experience in print journalism, have been teaching writing and literature in college since 2009, and hold an advanced degree in Rhetoric and Writing.

In that context, I offer the following services:


Tutoring for students in secondary and higher education. 

  • My primary subjects include writing and reading, along with the skills that allow students to make sense of challenging assignments and the strategies that allow writers to gather, assess, organize, and present information clearly and powerfully.
  • I have experience teaching and tutoring in writing, literature, history, and business at the developmental (remedial) and college level.
  • My personal specialties include early American and antebellum literature (Union and Confederate), as well as American Modernism (including early stories by Willa Cather) and the Harlem Renaissance.
  • In 2010, I designed a literature class that draws exclusively on war stories, ranging from Homer’s Iliad up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and representing multiple modalities, including music, poetry, prose (including fiction, nonfiction, and memoir), still photography, and film.
  • I have worked extensively with students whose first language was not English, even though I am not formally trained in ESL/ELL.
  • I am available for single tutoring sessions or ongoing work.

Reading, editing, and consulting on nonfiction manuscripts of any length or complexity.

  • I am able to provide detailed reader/editor reports on texts, guidance on revision, close copy editing, and proofreading.
  • I am adept at fact-checking, and offer multiple intensities ranging from “invisible/passive” multi-source Internet confirmation to active in-person and phone interviews to confirm such critical information as biography, chronology, background, context, and quotes.

Reading, editing, and consulting on business writing, including traditional printed letters, email, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. Opportunities include individual submissions and ongoing interactive threads.

  • With notice and planning I can provide rapid turnaround on urgent and continuing business matters (such as email threads or Twitter conversations).

Reading, editing, and consulting on academic submissions, including essay and thesis drafts at any stage.

  • With notice and planning I can provide turnaround to meet submission deadlines.


  • My fees are in line with the guidelines of the Editorial Freelancers Association, of which I am a member in good standing, and will reflect the specialized requirements and demands of each undertaking.

Contacting me.

  • johnnygoogle@me.com
  • mobile phone: 860.593.0797 (text or call)

Detailed CV available on request.